Paintings that are for sale…

17 Feb

OK, so this is a list of whats for sale.  All of the paintings are £40 each (unless noted), postage in the UK will be £2.50 extra unless you can collect them from me at work! As you may have seen elsewhere, i am having a massive painting purge not because i want to but because the Council have screwed me and my boyfriend big time and if we dont give them a fair few hundred quid by march 1st we are being taken to court. which is awesome! – that was irony there 🙂 so anyway, here they all are, please email me at, or just incase it pings back if you want any, with a description of what one you’re interested in and i can let you know if its still availiable. Please excuse my photography (non) skills, the paintings all look waay better in real life, its hard to get them to photo nice without making them washed out but i use artists quality watercolors and mainly saunders waterford 140lb watercolor paper.

The majority of the other paintings on this entire blog, not just this post are for sale on the same terms for the next few weeks so if you see anything not in this post tell me and i will let you know if it is still about. THANKYOU!!!



SOLD LIST – please read – i will list here as things get sold.




Sketchbook project update

29 Dec

Here’s an update on the sketchbook project sketchbook, not much time left before it has to be on its way!







Four eyes.

15 Dec

I painted this the other day, had nothing else to do, and felt like painting a ram horned lady! a couple of detail shots included!



15 Dec

Here’s a little christmas present i whipped up!


Ebay Scmebay

4 Nov

I’m selling a painting on ebay at the moment, please have a peek!

Click right here!


it’s this painting – the lady with the antlers!


Catten. inspired by cattens.

3 Nov

cat watercolour

– painted tonight instead of watching tv.



2 Nov

I made an antler headpiece, originally for Halloween, but I’m going to use it for a Dia los meurtos photo shoot instead. The antlers are wrapped in cotton wool and then bound in cotton thread, with silk roses and ribbon bows mounted on a felted base.